Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The World Day of Conscience Brainstorming Area and Suggestion Box. . .

Needless to say every day should be World Day of Conscience and human beings really should excercise their conscience in both breadth and depth rather more regularly than they generally do. Regularly excercising one's conscience makes for a healthy conscience. . . I will be proposing various ideas that will promote excercising our consciences more vigorously every single day of our lives and to try to do so almost constantly.

I have many ideas about how to observe World Day of Conscience on March 29th, 2006 and on the day of all future total solar eclipses when the symbolic "Eye of God" metaphorically "looks down from the heavens" on our little blue planet. I also have many ideas about how human beings can make this world of ours a better place for all of our fellow human beings, our fellow creatures and "Mother Earth" herself. This thread will be devoted to brainstorming and suggestions for World Day of Conscience observances and for ideas for making the world a better place for human beings to live in. This thread will continually evolve and will lead to the creation of other threads that go into more depth in terms of various suggestions that come from me or from others. Please add your suggestions for World Day of Conscience observances and initiatives in the comments below.

Here are some of my ideas that until now have not been committed to virtual paper. . .

As I have suggested above, a single World Day of Conscience that takes place every time a total solar eclipse occurs above our planet is not really enough. World Day of Conscience should really be celebrated twenty four hours a day and eight days a week as it were. . . Yes I do intend to suggest that genuine love and conscience are highly complimentary, if not overlapping considerably. With this in mind I think that World Day of Conscience should be surrounded, or perhaps I should say embraced, by a World Week of Conscience. I am thus proposing that the three days leading up to the day of the total solar eclipse when World Day of Conscience is to be observed should be days on which various events, observances, and last minute proposals and initiatives take place. The three days following the observance of World Day of Conscience should be devoted other events and observances with an emphasis on evaluating the hopefully very concrete initial results of World Day of Conscience observances. The first World Week of Conscience would begin on Sunday March 26, 2006 and come to a conclusion on Saturday April 2, 2006.

I believe that modern musicians who write and sing songs about matters of conscience are contemporary prophets whether they realize it or not. Ditto for all those prophetic musicians who are no longer with us in the flesh but are very much with us in the spirit. There are many popular songs that would be highly appropriate songs to be performed during concerts that would observe World Day of Conscience. I will be starting a new thread for suggestions for songs that could and should be sung during World Week of Conscience and performers who could and perhaps even should ;-) perform them.

Instrumental compositions are also quite appropriate if their title or other aspects have something to do with excercising conscience, love, and human rights and freedom etc. I thus believe that Beethoven's 9th symphony would be highly appropriate as might many other classical compositions. Yes I do realize that Beethoven's 9th symphony does actually include some rather prophetic singing during the choral movement but you get my drift. . . Gustav Holst's 'The Planets' in it's entirety, or pertinent movements thereof, would be quite appropriate as far as I am concerned. Likewise modern electronic trance music could be perfectly appropriate for observing World Day of Conscience as well. A few World Day of Conscience raves might be both entertaining and educational.

It pretty much goes without saying that all the musicians in the world are invited to perform concerts to raise funds for all kinds of good causes during World Week of Conscience but it would be great to have a really big one in the tradition of Live Aid, Live Eight etc. on World Day of Conscience with some stages set up in the path of totality itself I would however ask request that any concerts in the path of totality be scheduled in such a way that at least an hour of silence embraces totality itself. In fact it would be great to see some rock bands or other musical groups that have broken up over personal differences, or other reasons, get together again for World Week of Conscience and hopefully at least a bit longer. . .

I would like to see The Police act as world-wide peace officers on World Day of Conscience. A spirited performance of Invisible Sun would be most appropriate. . . as would Truth Hits Everybody, Message In A Bottle and Driven To Tears, and Walking In Your Footsteps. . .

Nena, and a whole lot of other bands including the inimitable Björk, are invited to perform '99 Red Balloons' 99 times or more. . . during World Week of Conscience. I will be buying 99 heart-shaped red balloons in the near future and be putting them to good use. . .

That's it for now but I will be adding quite a bit more to this thread when I can and I welcome all kinds of suggestions from other human beings in the comments section below.


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