Saturday, January 14, 2006

Will a World Day of Conscience for Sudan be observed in the land of Egypt on March 29th?

When in late December of 2005 I decided to go ahead with proposing that all days when the symbolic total solar eclipse "Eye of God" metaphorically looks down from the heavens upon our troubled world should become an observance of a World Day of Conscience I Googled the term "World Day of Conscience" to see if anyone had already come up with the idea of a World Day of Conscience before yours truly and had used that term to describe it. Nothing came up. Quite disappointing really. . .

I removed the word "World" and simply searched for "Day of Conscience" to see what if anything came up. Two main search results appeared. One was a National Day of Conscience to End Sweatshops and the other was a Day of Conscience to draw attention to the ongoing troubles in Sudan. Indeed there was, quite wisely , a Weekend of Conscience to Save Darfur, quite ingeniously set to coincide with United Nations Human Rights Day on December 10th, promoted by an organization called Save Darfur. According to a post on the Ripple of Hope blog the Sudan Day of Conscience idea dates back as far as August 2004 and probably somewhat earlier. An inter-faith "Day of Conscience" for Sudan quite evidently was observed in San Francisco, California and elsewhere. Google tells me that the National Council of Churches joined with the "Save Darfur" Coalition to observe August 25, 2004 as "Sudan: Day of Conscience." Needless to say I invite the National Council of Churches and similar religious organizations to join with me, and hopefully many other like-minded human beings, to promote, support, and observe World Day of Conscience on March 29, 2006 when the symbolic "Eye of God" looks down from the heavens upon our planet Earth. Indeed the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" will symbolically scan northern Africa not all that far from the Sudan, and will metaphorically "look down" on the westernmost extremity of the land of Egypt where the All-Seeing Eye of Google tells me, and indeed what Paul Martin and others call the "global conscience" of our troubled world, that 10 Sudanese "migrants" aka refugees were recently killed and 23 Egyptian police officers were wounded, during clashes that erupted when Egyptian police officers attempted to clear their camp in a city park in Cairo.

I had hoped to visit Egypt to observe and photograph the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" for my own cultural and religious purposes prior to deciding to go ahead and propose World Day of Conscience, and I had made some efforts towards doing just that. I am having second and even third thoughts about going to Egypt myself for various reasons, including the fact that I believe that it is far more important to do what I can to see to it that World Day of Conscience is observed as widely and successfully as possible on March 29th. Perhaps I may be able to kill two birds with one stone as it were. . . but I definitely would like to see World Day of Conscience observed in Egypt with observations of both the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" aka "Eye of Horus" and World Day of Conscience taking place within the shadow of the moon aka the path of totality.

Needless to say an important part of any observations of World Day of Conscience on March 29, 2005 should be to draw attention to, and propose viable solutions for, the current "situation" in Sudan, the ongoing war in Iraq, and other troubled areas of our blue planet where violence, war, terrorism and indeed genocide are still occurring, sometimes on a daily basis.

More later. . . I am a human being and can only do so much. I need to eat and sleep like everyone else and right now I am both tired and hungry, albeit not nearly as tired and hungry as many other people in the world who I sincerely hope World Day of Conscience will inspire the people of the world to provide food and rest for. . .

I am pleased to be able to sign off for now by reporting that the term "World Day of Conscience" is already showing up in major world wide web search engines like the All-Seeing Eye of Google MSN Search, and Yahoo! ;-)

The Ghost has well and truly entered the Machine. . .


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