Monday, January 16, 2006

What Would MLK Do To Observe World Day Of Conscience If Only He Could?

This hopefully far from last post to the World Day of Conscience blog will, God willing, evolve over time. . .

As pretty much everyone in the Western world, and many if not most of the people in the rest of the world know, today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said and did many things that would be highly appropriate to say and do during any and all observances of World Day of Conscience. Needless to say the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. cannot actually say or do so anything in the flesh on the first or future observances of World Day of Conscience because he was assassinated in Memphis Tennessee, in the Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free. . . on April 4th, 1968. Never-the-less I expect that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be there in spirit when human beings of conscience create a "network of mutuality" and observe World Day of Conscience in genuine Unity and Diversity on March 29th, 2006 and on any and all future occassions when the symbolic total solar eclipse "Eye of God" metaphorically looks down from the heavens on our beautiful blue planet that suffers from no shortage of ugliness. . .

Here are some well known, and indeed some not so well known. .. MLK quotes that provide some hints as to what Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., aka MLK, might say and do if he could observe World Day of Conscience on March 29th, 2006 and on any future observances of World Day of Coscience. -

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.

Martin Luther King Jr., Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Dec. 10, 1964

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963

I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important.

Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.

Segregation is the adultery of an illicit intercourse between injustice and immorality.

Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves into obscurity, while one wise man forgets himself into immortality.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative.

Quotes from Strength To Love -

The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood.

All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem.

The good neighbor looks beyond the external accidents and discerns those inner qualities that make all men human and, therefore, brothers.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.

Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love, 1963

Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time; the need for mankind to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Mankind must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.

Martin Luther King Jr., December 11, 1964

The church was not merely a thermometer that recorded the ideas and principles of popular opinion; it was a thermostat that transformed the mores of society.

Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 1963

Now, I say to you today my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: - 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.'

Martin Luther King Jr., Speech at Civil Rights March on Washington, August 28, 1963

I submit to you that if a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live.

Martin Luther King Jr., Speech in Detroit, June 23, 1963

...And I've looked over, and I've seen the promised land. I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land. So I'm happy tonight. I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing any man.

Martin Luther King Jr., Speech in Memphis, April 3, 1968, the day before King was assassinated. . .


Blogger Xaedalus said...

Thanks for your entry on my blog. I like your idea of a World Day of Conscience to take place during the Eclipse. Is there an entry in your blog where you talk about your experience? I'd like to learn more about it.

8:58 p.m.  
Blogger Xaedalus said...

Never mind, just saw your website link to it. Reading it now :-)

9:00 p.m.  

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