Thursday, February 16, 2006

World Council of Churches communication

Greetings from Canada,

I would appreciate it very much if my proposal for a World Day of Conscience coinciding with the March 29th, 2006 total solar eclipse is made known to the Assembly ASAHP.

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My own theology is bona fide God-believing Unitarian however all human beings are invited to participate in World Day of Conscience regardless of their religious beliefs or even lack thereof. Of course all believers are encouraged to participate in ways that are fully compatible with their own religious beliefs and practices. Please confirm receipt of this email.


Robin Edgar

P.S. Here is an open letter that I sent out to various other organizations. Please feel free to copy it and distribute it to as many other people, Christian or otherwise, as you wish.

All human beings are invited to respond to the spectacular cosmic symbolism of the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" by observing World Day of Conscience on Wednesday March 29, 2006 and on all future days when this symbolic "Eye of God" metaphorically "looks down from the heavens" above our planet Earth. World Day of Conscience seeks to promote the healthy exercise of human conscience at all levels, from the deeply personal and intimate right through to "global conscience." World Day of Conscience should be observed in ways that call attention to, and seek redress for, any and all forms of injustices and abuses that occur in the world. Special attention should be given to those matters of conscience in the domains of human rights, civil liberties, and social justice, as well as serious environmental and ecological concerns.

All the individuals and groups who choose to observe World Day of Conscience are free to determine the most appropriate ways for them to do so. Religious and spiritual observances are certainly encouraged however non-religious manners of observing World Day of Conscience are also very appropriate. Suggestions for various ways of observing World Day of Conscience are welcomed, as are diverse forms of support for World Day of Conscience. At present the most urgent need for co-operation and support is simply to spread the news about World Day of Conscience as rapidly and as widely as possible to human beings in all parts of the world. Ultimately World Day of Conscience aspires to encourage the regular and healthy exercise of human consciences and to promote the global warming of human hearts world-wide.

The World Day of Conscience web site is at -

I may be contacted directly at -


Robin Edgar


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