Thursday, February 02, 2006

Copy This Page. . . And Post It World-Wide. . .

The following text fits on one page if you use appropriate text size and formatting. Please feel free to copy it and email it or otherwise distribute it to as many other people of conscience as possible -


The first observance of World Day of Conscience will take place on Wednesday March 29, 2006 when the symbolic "Eye of God" that is regularly manifested in total solar eclipses metaphorically "looks down from the heavens" upon our beautiful but troubled planet. The total solar eclipse symbolic "Eye of God" will appear in Earth's skies as a bona fide "sign in the heavens" above the east coast of South America (Brazil), Central and North Africa (Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Chad, Libya and Egypt), EurAsia and Asia (Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia).

Robin Edgar is proposing that human beings in all parts of the World might respond to the spectacular cosmic symbolism of this total solar eclipse "Eye of God" by observing World Day of Conscience on Wednesday March 29, 2006 and on all future dates when the total solar eclipse symbolic "Eye of God" appears in the skies above our planet Earth. World Day of Conscience aspires to promote the healthy and beneficial exercising of human conscience from the personal and intimate through to what has been called "global conscience" by some enlightened human beings. World Day of Conscience should be observed in a manner that calls attention to and seeks redress for any and all forms of injustices and abuses that occur in the world. Special attention should be given to those matters of conscience in the domain of human rights, civil liberties, and social justice, as well as the need to address warfare and serious environmental and ecological concerns.

World Day of Conscience may be observed in many diverse ways. It is up to those individual people and groups, religious or otherwise, who choose to observe World Day of Conscience to decide what are the most appropriate ways for them to observe this day devoted to promoting individual conscience and collective "global conscience". Religious and spiritual observances of World Day of Conscience are certainly encouraged however non-religious ways of observing World Day of Conscience are also entirely appropriate.

Suggestions for various ways to observe World Day of Conscience are most welcome, as are diverse forms of co-operation with and support for helping World Day of Conscience raise consciousness to the need for conscience and to promote global warming of human hearts world-wide. At present the most urgent need for co-operation and support is simply to spread the news about World Day of Conscience as rapidly and as widely as possible to as many human beings as possible in all parts of the world.

Visit the WDC web site -

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Suggestions and brainstorming for World Day of Conscience are welcome here -

Contact Robin Edgar by email at -

Feel free to copy and forward this proposal to as many other human beings as you wish. Let it become a positive chain-letter that helps to raise consciousness to individual and collective global conscience and promotes global warming of human hearts world-wide.


Anonymous guy spiritual said...

I'm looking forward to doing my 'bit'. I've also posted this feature on my blog.

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