Thursday, March 29, 2007

The First Anniversary of the First Observance Of World Day Of Conscience

Dear Fellow Human Beings,

Today marks the first anniversary of the first observance of World Day of Conscience which took place on March 29th, 2006 when the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" symbolically "looked down from the heavens" upon Brazil, Africa, Turkey and Russia. The next observance of World Day of Conscience will take place on August 1st, 2008 when the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" will appear in the skies over China, Mongolia, Russia, and the Arctic regions including Greenland and some of Canada's Arctic islands such as Ellesmere Island, Devon Island, Somerset Island and Prince of Wales Island. It is my hope that by August 1st, 2008 World Day of Conscience will be reasonably well publicized and observed in various ways by thousands of people, if not some millions of human beings, in most parts of the world. If I am able to I will organize some observances of World Day of Conscience in the path of totality on one or more of Canada's Arctic Islands.

I made very serious personal sacrifices of both time and money in trying to promote the first observance of World Day of Conscience. I pretty much worked full time on it without pay for most of February and March last year. None of the various organizations that I invited to participate in World Day of Conscience, including various religious groups and NGOs such as Amnesty International etc. responded to my invitations. None of the major newpapers published any of the numerous letters to the editor that I sent out announcing World Day of Conscience. In fact, with only one or two exceptions, the only logistical support that I received came from members of the StumbleUpon social blogging community who helped to pass the word on to others.

If it was not for the StumbleUpon community I do not know how many people would even have known about World Day of Conscience. I was able to contact several hundred to a few thousand Stumblers directly and some of these Stumblers then passed the news on to other people. One of the Stumblers who I contacted directly turned out to be the editor of a Turkish business magazine and she saw fit to mention World Day of Conscience in an article she wrote about the upcoming March 29th 2006 total solar eclipse which was seen in Turkey. The editor of the Middle East Times published a letter to the editor that I sent to him about my proposal for World Day of Conscience so in the end I expect that tens of thousands of people if not a few hundred thousand people were at least made aware of the first World Day of Conscience.

I would like to thank all of those people, Stumblers or otherwise, who helped to spread the word about World Day of Conscience last year and I am calling upon my fellow human beings to provide some support for World Day of Conscience. Due to a variety of circumstances, including making additional serious financial sacrifices in attempting to help a Stumbler who was in need of some help last summer, I have not been able to recover from the serious financial sacrifices that I made in my efforts to promote the first observance of World Day of Conscience. I would appreciate it very much if those people who believe that World Day of Conscience is a worthwhile cause could provide some financial support that will allow me to get back on my feet and devote more effort to promoting and organization the next observance of World Day of Conscience. If you are interested in providing some support please contact me email at -

If some generous people could send a donation using PayPal that would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

Robin Edgar


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